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...Overcoming Life's Obstacles
The Principles and Practices of Building Community
A six part training DVD series that provides staff with best
practice tools to enhance the quality of life of people with disabilities.  
This training series is a must use for newly hired support professionals, as well as being a
wonderful refresher for seasoned managers and clinicians.

The Principles and Practices of Building Community training DVD series features Dr.
Tom Pomeranz providing staff training in six areas:

Session 1:
Skills of Courtesy:  Quality of Interaction

Session 2: Age Appropriateness:  Achieving Adult Status

Session 3: Supported Routines:  Best Practice Strategies for a Fulfilling Life

Session 4: Positive Behavioral Supports

Session 5: Universal Language:  It’s All In How You Say It

Session 6: Instructional Strategies

Produced by Tierra Del Sol, a not for profit agency located in Los Angeles, CA
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